Is the Belvoir Winery Haunted?

The most famous winery in Missouri is about to be famous for a reason besides its wines

Come to Liberty, Mo.'s Belvoir Winery for the wines, stay for the ghosts? New details from the TV show Ghost Hunters shows that the beloved Missouri winery may be haunted. 

KCTV5 reports that the winery will soon be featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters, as paranormal sightings here are common. There's an authentic skeleton from the 1800s, ghost sightings, and other ghost stories from winery staff that will make you jump. If even the CEO says the place is haunted, you better believe it. But the winery is still trying to be known for its Missouri wines, with a desert wine and four red and white varietals. 

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You can catch the Ghost Hunters episode in late June.