Beijing Restaurant Puts Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress on the Menu

A Beijing hot pot restaurant serves meat draped over Lady Gaga dolls

A Beijing hot pot restaurant is serving dishes of raw mutton draped over dolls to look like little dresses made of raw meat like the one Lady Gaga wore.

Lady Gaga has worn a lot of odd things in her career, but her most iconic outfit was probably the time she wore a complete ensemble--hat, dress, handbag and all--made of strips of raw meat arranged over her body into the shape of a dress. That happened back in 2010, but it made such an impact that people are still talking about it, and one Beijing restaurant has actually turned it into a menu item.

According to Rocket News 24, a Beijing hot pot restaurant has taken to serving dishes of raw, sliced mutton, draped over a doll into the shape of a ball gown.

Beijing resident Elyse Ribbons Tweeted a photo of a doll wearing an elaborate gown of raw meat.



The idea is that customers will remove the doll’s dress piece by piece, cooking each strip in the hot pot and eventually winding up with a full belly and a naked doll. Not everyone thought this was a brilliant idea.

Over on Shanghaiist, commenters on Weibo have been sounding pretty grossed out by the whole spectacle and wondering how often the dolls were cleaned, and why they had to bother with such annoying gimmicks when they just wanted to eat a big plate of meat.


“Why can’t we just eat meat without any kind of stupid tricks like this?” one said. Another suggested simply throwing the whole doll in the pot, because undressing the doll strip by strip was weird and awkward and would take forever.