Behold, the First-Ever 'Twitter Beer'

#Mashtag #beer is just as #awesome as it sounds

#Mashtag #beer

We're surprised it even took this long: A U.K. brewery, Brewdog, harnessed its social media powers to create a beer inspired by its social media fans, and it's called #Mashtag. 

Mashable reports on #Mashtag, "a 7.5 percent American Brown Ale, made with New Zealand hops and aged on hazelnuts and oak chips." Brewdog encouraged its Facebook followers,Twitter followers, and blog readers to vote on each element of the brew to create a user-generated brew; ABC News reports that more than 5,000 fans voiced their opinions on the brew. "This is beer for the people, by the people," said Sarah Warman, spokesperson for Brewdog, to Mashable. "It takes the online voice of consumers to a new level offline."


Of course, #Mashtag is blowing up all the hashtags on Twitter; while most are in awe of "Twitter's first beer," others have some more cynical reactions to it. Still, we're always tweeting about our favorite craft beers, so.... #hashtag away on #Mashtag.