Behind the Swinging Doors: Inside the Kitchen at Morimoto

What goes on inside the kitchen at New York City’s Morimoto?
Jane Bruce

Executive chef Erik Battes in the kitchen at Morimoto.

The elegant dining room of Morimoto is located in Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan. Sushi lovers flock to the restaurant to enjoy the food of one of the legendary chef’s many restaurants. They can choose from a massive sushi menu, selections from the raw bar, or a variety of traditional Japanese appetizers and entrées.

We stopped by the kitchen at Morimoto at 7:15 p.m. on a Thursday. The dining room was busy with after-work business and social dinners. Diners were enjoying a respite from the freezing weather in the warm, welcoming space. A few people sat at the sushi bar to watch their food prepared in front of them. Executive sushi chef Robbie Cook could be heard talking to some diners about their recent vacation, saying, “I didn’t go, but my mom went. It was perfect timing.”

Check out our photos inside the kitchen of Morimoto.

Behind the sushi bar is the full service kitchen. Because they’re behind a wall, they have the freedom to be a little more vocal than some kitchens. Executive chef Erik Battes asks one of his line cooks, “Did you taste that? You have to taste everything before it goes out.”  It’s this drive for perfection that keeps Morimoto among the top sushi restaurants in America.


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