A Beginner’s Guide to Barhopping

Have a ball while out on the town — with no next-day regrets

A beginner's guide to staying safe and having a blast.

Spring break has arrived and summer is right on its heels. The possibilities for a glorious vacation are nearly endless. Maybe, for you, the warmer weather means rounding up a gang of close friends and venturing forth in search of adventure, or maybe your plans revolve around one epic event. After all, summertime is the season of weddings and bachelor/ette parties, reunions with old friends, and road trips with new ones. If the warmer season finds you in party mode surrounded by your favorite crew, why not plan a night of serious barhopping to explore your vacation spot and create some memories to keep your group giggling in tandem at inside jokes until the next big get together?

A Beginner’s Guide to Barhopping (Slideshow)

Planning a big night out in a city known as a party destination (think New Orleans, Austin, even New York) can require multiple stops at many different bars and clubs to make the most of your time there.

It would be a real drag to hit Bourbon or Sixth Street and stay glued to one location all night when the cities have so much nightlife to offer. If this summer finds you headed to new hot spot, make sure your crew agrees to one night of pure, no-holds-barred revelry.

But before you grab your friends and head down the strip in a race against last call, take some time to consider a few simple precautions to avoid a majorly debauched disaster. Many a pink-veiled bachelorette party has been ruined by the bridesmaid who begged out early, blaming her uncomfortable shoe.

Woe be to the college frat buddy who forgets cash for door covers and has to abandon his bros in search of an ATM. Coming unprepared for a night of barhopping can often mean the difference between spending the night trying to have a good time and actually having a blast.


If you’re new to barhopping, beware: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. We’re talking hours of nonstop fun here, so you’ve got to come ready. But not to worry, the following slideshow is packed with tips and tricks to ensure that your first foray into the dazzling world of competitive partying comes off a great success.