Beets Cafe: Ease Your Conscience

Last night my husband and I walked our legs off.  By the time we returned to our apartment we were dehydrated and too tired for dinner.  When I woke up today I knew I wanted to jump start my day with something delicious.  My friend recently started working at Beets Cafe and I knew I wanted to give it a try so I washed my hair for this unusual morning outing and eagerly ventured to my healthy breakfast destination.

Beets Cafe was a smidge hard to find on this one-way street, but on my second loop around I found it.  One could make a health day out of this location.  Within the same strip there were two spas, a yoga studio, a pilates studio, and a coffee shop.  Having not worked out yet today I felt a bit guilty.

Breakfast options are admittedly limited, but I am sure that is because this is not their busy time.  I ordered the raw (everything is raw) sprouted granola that came with what I believe was house-made almond milk, blueberries, and apples.  It was so good.  A big chunky and hard to break into edible sizes, but incredibly delicious.  I was brought a water and also ordered a small green juice.  I was very happy that the small was still substantial in size as it was pretty pricey at 5.75.  The green juice has kale listed as the first ingredient, but I was impressed with the flavor as the lemon and ginger really help to balance the flavors.  I left feeling full, inspired, and like I had made wise choices to begin my day off.  I definitely recommend Beets Cafe, I would love to go back for dinner or lunch sometime and explore what appeared to be an extensive salads and tea menu.