25 Beers with Great Label Art

Beers with labels worthy of as much attention as the suds themselves

You don't have to be a card-carrying hophead to recognize that the craft beer movement is all about making brews with stand-out-in-the-crowd personalities. IPAs of all colors and varying degrees of mouth-puckering bitterness, creative reimaginings of Belgian-style brews, and session beers that inspire all-day-long sipping — these are not beers that allow themselves to be put in the corner.

It seems only fitting that such beers often carry eye-catching labels to match. In the veritable art gallery that is your local store's beer aisle, you can find an array of bold colors and typefaces, a mix of clever cartoons and intricate designs, displays of minimalism and showy peacocking, and oh so many artistic renderings of the almighty hop.

Over at beer geek forum Beer Advocate, the topic of "Who's got the best beer labels?" has induced a flood of replies and healthy debate. "Three Floyds for bada**-ness," writes one. "I think Odell's bottles and labels are pretty cool. However, Surly's Darkness labels are top notch in my book," interjects another. And so it goes for nearly 200 comments.  

Inspired by the question, we decided to feature a list of our own favorites. Weigh in on the debate and let us know what you think of the picks, and feel free to nominate your own selections.

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