People in South Korea are Drinking Whipped Cream with Beer

Putting whipped cream on top of beer is reportedly “not bad”

Beer with whipped cream is apparently a trend in Korea, and the flavor is not half bad.

We live in a world in which cupcake-flavored vodka exists, so it was only a matter of time before those sweet flavors started making their way into other beverages. Now topping beer with a frothy head of whipped cream has become a popular trend in South Korea, and the flavor is reportedly not terrible.

Beer and whipped cream don’t necessarily sound like flavors that would go well together, but according to Rocket News 24, it’s actually not bad. The beverage can be seen in action in this YouTube video by a student going by Trailblazer Jenn. One reporter tried the experiment with a simple can of whipped cream and two different beers: a bottle of Cass beer from South Korea and a can of Yebisu from Japan.

When served in a small glass with a whipped cream top, the beer actually looked cute. Some sprinkles were added just to make the occasion more festive. Rocket News 24’s reporter said the flavor was, “very similar to a cream soda or float with the mixture of carbonation and cream complimenting each other well. Also, much like adding cream to coffee, the whipped cream takes a lot of the bitterness out of the beer. As a result some of the richness of the beer could be more easily tasted among the frothiness of bubbles and cream.”

She says the concoction is akin to an “adult cream soda,” and reports that the effect was tastier with the Korean beer than the slightly more bitter Japanese one.  

In Korea, the whipped cream beer is sometimes topped with sprinkles, colored sugar, or chocolate shavings. The idea might seem odd at first, but it sounds like it has the potential for deliciousness.