Beer Of The Week: Curious Traveler And Tenacious Traveler Shandy

Each week, The Daily Meal shares a craft beer for the week. This week we're looking ahead to summer. 

It's not exactly shandy weather outside in New York, but we'll certainly take a beer that makes us believe it's warm out — especially a shandy with a very curious mustache. The Curious Traveler Shandy and the Tenacious Traveler were first released last year by the same founders of Magic Hat Beer Company, under a new company, Alchemy and Science.

Of course, the traditional shandy is just a mix of beer and lemonade, also called a radler (in German) or panaché (in French). So what does a bottled shandy taste like? Well, not quite the same as a shandy you'd find at Shake Shack — but that doesn't mean we don't like it. The original Curious Traveler Shandy is more of a sessionable beer, as it's not a beer-lemonade combo. Instead, the Curious Traveler is a wheat beer brewed with fresh lemon and lime. What's left is a citrus beer that rivals a good lemonade on a sunny day. For tasters here at The Daily Meal, people called it the beer for beer haters in the world — those who hate the taste of beer. But even the beer lovers were impressed with the Curious Traveler, thanks to its hefeweizen (wheat beer) roots. 

Its companion, the Tenaciuos Traveler, is just that — tenacious, thanks to a strong aroma and taste of ginger. But not everyone in the office was thrilled with the spiciness (or aftertaste) of the ginger in the shandy; after all, the point of a shandy is something that's crisp and refreshing. But a spicy alternative to the shandy may hold us over until we're drinking shandies in the beer garden come summertime.