Beer Review: Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black

The New Zealand collaboration beer is a tasty black IPA

The Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black brew.

Yeastie Boys is a collaboration from two New Zealand brewers who burst onto the craft beer scene in 2009 with a hoppy, American-style porter, Pot Kettle Black. Today, the formerly mysterious beer is a keystone to the company’s year round offerings, and recently landed on American shores thanks to Shelton Brothers importers. The brewers themselves are not sure how to classify this highly heralded brew. Is it a Black IPA, a Hoppy Porter, or a "Nelsonian Dark Ale"? Whatever it is, it is worth trying this vanguard of the Yeastie Boys offerings.

Poured from an 11.2-ounce bottle, Pot Kettle Black is the perfect image of its deep, dark namesake. Black as a moonless night with a small, coffee-toned head, this brew emits sweet chocolaty notes playfully dashed with hoppy bitterness. Roasted malts show themselves in the taste amid the sweet and bitter flavors found in the nose. A medium-bodied mouthfeel is pleasantly weighty without becoming heavy or tiresome. Bitter hops round out the sweet taste, giving the impression of dark chocolate, making this 6 percent ABV brew a delightful after dinner offering.

Pot Kettle Black serves as a great introduction to the new, currently en vogue style of Black IPAs. Simultaneously roasty, sweet, and bitter, this beer is hoppy and dark, a nice choice for those who love their stouts as much as hoppy pale ales. The Yeastie Boys have a handful of other brews hitting the U.S. market soon; keep an eye out wherever Shelton Brothers Imports are available.

— Mike Lorenz, The Drink Nation

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