Beer Made with Real Gold in the Czech Republic

That's not even the oddest part of this brewery

You really can add anything to a beer — take Rogue's "beard beer" that horrified the drinkers everywhere — but the crazy brews are just getting better and better. The beer community is buzzing about a beer in the Czech Republic that's made with real gold.

You read that right: 0.018 grams of gold is in each (champagne) bottle, made in a brewery in the city of Ostava. The Huffington Post reports that it took 18 months to develop the gold-flecked beer, named "Re" after the Egyptian sun god. Sounds cool, right? That's not even the craziest thing to come out of this brewery. LA Weekly took its research a step further and found that the brewery's known for another oddity: beer bathing. (Yes, you read that right, too.)

When no one could find the name of the brewery, LA Weekly dug in and found the name: Zámek Zábřeh. That's not just a brewery in Ostava; it's also a hotel — that offers beer and wine bath spa treatments. Because why drink your beer when you can lounge in it? Take the Manufaktura Elixir of Life Wine Bath, complete with a wooden bath tub with red wine, grain extract, grape seed oil, and wine yeast for a fruity massage. Or, the Pikard Beer Bath, a warm bath of beer yeast, beer oil balsam, and malt extracts. We imagine it's something like swirling around in the beer vat while it's brewing... which we guess is relaxing? This brewery clearly takes the cake for weird brews.