Beer Glass Prevents Cell Phone Use

It might even help with your drunk texting habit!
The Offline Glass
Vimeo/Mauricio Perussi

The Offline Glass

Can’t seem to get your friend to stop posting on Twitter or Facebook during happy hour? The advertising agency, Fischer & Friends, may have found the solution with the creation of the Offline Glass.

The Offline Glass has a portion of the thickened base cut out, requiring it to balance on a mobile device. Don’t have an iPhone? No problem: the glass was made to fit various types of mobile phones. Scared your phone will be damaged? Fischer & Friends took care of that too. The glass’ size and shape were fashioned to prevent condensation from damaging the phone.

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Unveiled at the Salve Jorge bar in Brazil, the glass is designed to get people to engage more with their company, and remove them from the online world. With a society enamored with technology and the web, the bar acknowledges the importance of connecting with friends and family who are with you in the moment. The only question is: will this trend take off in corporate, well-connected America?