Beer DIY: How To Make A Pumpkin Keg

Halloween is inching closer and closer, and we're already gearing up for our Halloween bash. So naturally, we couldn't be more pumped to pick up one more pumpkin for this fantastic conversation-starter: the DIY pumpkin keg. 
Melissa Klein at Celebrations demonstrates really just how simple it is: if you've carved a pumpkin before, you'll get the basic gist. Once your pumpkin is hallowed out (those seeds will clog your spigot, so be warned), carve out a place-holder for the spigot, pop it in, and pour away. 
Check out the video of Klein's pumpkin keg demonstration, as well as her instructions below (you can get more directions from Celebrations). 
1 large pumpkin
Marker or pencil
Carving kit
Plastic spigot (aka tap)
Lots of Sam Adams Octoberfest beer
Click here for directions to make the DIY pumpkin keg.
Instructions and video courtesy of Melissa Klein, Celebrations