Beer Can Keyboard Wastes Beer, But Looks Cool

Usually, boozing and any sort of typing is highly discouraged — drunk texting, drunk Facebooking, drunk tweeting — but this is one cool way to combine the two. Thanks to the guys at Robofun, you can use those leftover beer cans to type out your messages. 

The keyboard uses 40 cans of Staropramen and is connected to an Arduino, a powered-touch keyboard, and a Raspberry Pi computer. (No, that's not drunk food.) Press down on an unopened can of beer to make a corresponding letter appear on the screen; granted, it takes more time to bang out an email but is arguably way more fun, although we imagine the drunker you are, the more like a game of Whack-a-Mole the keyboard becomes. 

Foodbeast reports that the keyboard premiered at the 2012 Webstock Conference. Check out the beer-loving computer yourself. 

The Beer Cans Keyboard Movie from Viorel Spinu on Vimeo.