Beer and a Burger, Elevated


Some say that this Culver City “2.0” location of the upscale beers-and-burgers joint has the lesser version of the now-famous Office burgers. I say, as long as you're a fan of bacon, Gruyère, Maytag blue cheese, arugula, and caramelized onions as toppings, you'll love this burger.

Now, on to the beer. With such a dazzling selection, Father’s Office really is a great place to drink. There’s a wonderful roster of West Coast beers, as well as selections from better-known indie breweries around the U.S. and Canada. You can even follow the bar's Twitter feed to find out which new beers have been added to the on-tap list.

With esoteric beers whose flavors can be described with words like cocoa nibs, sour peach, and scotch barrel-aged, you need a menu of unique bites, which the gastropub delivers on. There’s a goat cheese gratinée, Manchego sobrasada, and some of the best sweet potato fries to be had. Definitely test out the seasonally changing specials as well.

Sit outside on one of the benches to enjoy the sunshine or at some smaller tables inside (there are bar seats as well), but know the drill: Go up to the bar and order first, then take your number and your food will be delivered. This isn’t the cheapest place in L.A. to go for a beer and a burger, but Father’s Office has learned how to elevate a classic and give a distinct character to a sometimes unexceptional type of night out.