Suspicious Bear Paw Found In Restaurant Refrigerator

It is not unusual to find animal parts in the refrigerators of restaurants, but usually those animals are featured on the menu. This week in Vancouver, investigators were stymied by a mysterious bear paw they discovered in the refrigerator of a local Chinese restaurant, and now police are reportedly investigating the legality of having bear parts in a restaurant refrigerator.

According to CBC, the bear parts were discovered when firefighters were called in response to a fire at the 5 Tastes Chinese Bistro in Vancouver. While responding to the fire, they discovered what appeared to be the paw of a black bear in the restaurant's refrigerator.

"When first responders responded to the fire, on their inspection of the premises they discovered what they believe to be a bear paw or parts there of a bear in the premises," said conservation officer Todd Hunter.

Bear paws are reportedly not on the menu at 5 Tastes, but according to Vancitybuzz, they are a historical delicacy in Chinese cuisine.

It is as yet unclear how exactly 5 Tastes came to be in possession of the bear paw, but conservation officers are reportedly investigating the legality of having and possibly serving the bear paw in a restaurant.