Beaming Can Help Kick Start Your New Year's Resolutions With Their Organic Juice Cleanses


Okay, it’s officially a new year. We’ve toasted at midnight, we danced until the wee hours, we posted awkward tweets we don’t even remember typing—now it’s time to get serious. One of the biggest New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight. Maybe it’s a few pounds you put on over the holidays, or some serious weight you’ve put on over the years, either way, you’re ready to give it a go. Personally, we love the idea of get skinny quick diets—you know the ones—you drink nothing but syrupy lemonade for a week and you suddenly look like Beyoncé? Yeah, it sounds good, but it doesn’t work, so when we heard of Beaming our first thought was that we had another juice cleanse to try to live through. We were so very (but happily) wrong. 


Beaming is an organic juice cleanse that can seriously help kick start and maintain a new, healthier lifestyle. Not only are there tons of juices to drink every day, but the cleansing diet also includes protein snacks and get this—actual food. There’s no starving—which is great because nothing destroys resolutions like all-encompassing, stomach-rumbling hunger. Created with the help of both holistic health experts and gourmet chefs, each juice is made specifically for the type of results you’re looking for. Want something to jumpstart your diet, repair your muscles or deep clean your body? There’s a cleanse for that.

While the effects of cleansing have been hotly debated, the Beaming regimen is said to work on your total body, from reducing signs of aging to recharging the mind, from improving your sleep to improving digestion. The benefits can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, but what Beaming suggests really allows them to make a change within the body is not only the juices but the incorporation of specific “real foods that allow you to heal and nourish your body.”

To try out the program I did a one day “reset cleanse” to really see what I’d be getting JustLuxe readers into. I will tell you beforehand that I’ve done juice cleanses that have lasted over a week, so depending on your body, eating habits, activity level, etc., your experience may be a little different. That being said, I went into this cleanse quite excited because there’s really nothing like going into a juicing diet and knowing you’ll still get to eat. 

With instructions to drink a juice every two hours (they’re labeled numerically), suggestions to save the salad until dinner, and the protein snack for any mid-day cravings that might set in, I started my reset cleanse. Meant to give your body a gentle reboot, the juices are dense in nutrients and enzymes that are intended to help reprogram your body into a health kick. Including four juices, an almond milk, a protein blend, a superfood protein bite and a salad, this cleanse almost seemed to be too much food for one day—and it was. Drinking a juice every two hours seemed to be more filling than I could handle (as I was still drinking the daily recommended 64 Fl. Oz. of water) and by the evening I had only finished four drinks and half the almond milk without touching the protein snack or salad. At the end of the day I did eat the salad (which was the most delicious kale salad I had ever eaten) and I was full by the time I was ready to call it a day.

While I didn’t feel particularly rejuvenated the next day, nor was I suddenly craving celery sticks instead of chili cheese fries, I was neither starving, nor exhausted. The entire day of the cleanse I had maintained an excellent energy level and still had enough moxie to go through my daily workout. It did however, make me feel like I could start the day off fresh and put all those holiday pies and treats out of my head. After a day of sipping on spinach, carrots, bell peppers and the like, eating healthy dishes like salads, fish and steamed veggies sounded so good—maybe because you could actually chew them, but more than likely it was because I now had a more healthy mindset.

Beaming offers six different cleanses depending on the type of results you’re looking to achieve, and every single one is organic, dairy free, vegan, gluten/wheat free, raw and preservative free. Home delivery or pick up is available depending on the cleanse you choose and your location, and everything is prepared daily and brought fresh to you. Their online store also offers blends of superfoods, vitamins and nutrients so you can continue to get the most out of your juices, even at home. There are between 1,200-1,400 calories in each program so while you may be drinking juice, you’re still getting the daily recommended caloric intake. There’s no starving or malnourishment on this program, but we still recommend you get rid of any holiday leftovers beforehand—just in case you have a hard time saying no to any remaining pieces of pumpkin cheesecake.