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wine bottlesAt the Sherry-Lehmann/Kevin Zraly Wine Club, we've dedicated ourselves to creating a Wine Club that reflects our decades of experience and knowledge as merchants, wine tasters and–most importantly–wine lovers.

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Connoisseur's Club (Ships every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)
We believe there are great values on superb wines at $20 a bottle. Join the Connoisseur's Club and let us introduce you to some amazing selections. Our Tasting Panel is pulling out all the stops to select four wines for enthusiasts who know what they like. These wines are of top quality and represent exceptional value. If you like to entertain or enjoy the finer things in life, this is the option for you!

International Discoveries (Ships every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months)
As the world of wine grows, it's more fun than ever to explore. These selections will introduce you to some new styles and regions, and remind you of some great wines from familiar places.

Wines of the Season (Ships January, April, July, October)
Whether it's lighter in the warmer months or heartier for winter, our selections will fit the time of year. Ongoing shipments arrive January, April, July and October.

Meet Our Unbeatable Tasting Panel
Our five in-house tasting experts offer unparalleled expertise that covers every region and wine style. Their collective expertise ensures that each wine chosen as a Wine Club selection meets the same rigorous standards used to select wines for our store.

"Over the years, I've often considered starting a wine club. Sherry-Lehmann is the only partner for me. They are serious merchants with a broad inventory and 76 years of experience. Like me, they travel the world to find the very best. We've worked hard to deliver a club that will bring you delicious and diverse wines at reasonable prices."

Kevin Zraly, Director of the Sherry-Lehmann/Kevin Zraly Wine Club

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