BBQue’s Smoke Shack Takes Top Honors at New York City Wingfest

Chelsea barbecue joint wins the poultry prize

These are fine times to be a chicken wing lover in New York City. With the fourth annual New York City Wingfest in the bag (or bucket, as it were), fast-casual barbecue restaurant BBQue’s Smoke Shack can stand tall after having bested saucy avian heavyweights like Hill Country Chicken, BonChon, Rathbone's, and Duke’s. Co-owner Joe Cutolo remarked, "We’re ecstatic to win the title The Best Wings in New York; thanks to my co-owner Stuart and general manager Mike for such a great job. Amongst the competition we had, we’re honored to have won and look forward to defending our title next year at NYC Wingfest."

With their "Dirty Dozen" barbecue sauces, like maplewood hickory and mustard and mop sauces from both North and South Carolina, BBQue’s has cemented itself as a wing destination in a city teeming with them.

Also of note: The Windsor’s duck-fat-baked-and-then-fried wings, which attempted to take the wing game to new heights by fusing birds together like some kind of culinary Dr. Moreau.