BBQ Talapia In White Corn & Blackbean Salsa

BBQ Talapia In White Corn & Blackbean Salsa
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The first ingredient frozen or fresh: Talapia ™ Start by preparing tin foil 7x 7 in flattened to surface, apply lightly garlic powdered, add two table spoons salsa,folding foil as you go around the talapia,bring to center and fold ends together and pinch as to leave no opening....on another piece of foil you will place the foiled talapia and lay off to side of white coals. For those with gas ,place to the side or upper rack away from open flame. Close lid and allow to cook 5-7 minutes. Poke holes in top and cook 1 1/2 minutes if smoke flavor is desired. Remove, allow to rest ,and enjoy with favorite sides...