Baume & Mercier Release the First Film In a Series of Shorts to Celebrate Giving


In the true nature of the holidays—which contrary to popular belief is not all about the presents, food and light displays—Baume & Mercier launched a film to celebrate the idea of giving. The first short, Home for the Holidays, in the appropriately named series Celebrate Giving, follows a family that quickly realizes that although their holiday together may seem short, it contains within it invaluable moments. (Spoiler: the ending, of course, shows two family members receiving Baume & Mercier watches.) This seasonal film is only the first, and the following films will see release dates in early 2014.

While it is all in all a marketing strategy, the piece itself is not overtly commercial, and is actually quite emotional on a level that is rarely reached in fashion advertising. Baume & Mercier uses the video platform as a way to connect and engage their customer base, but mostly as an opportunity to tell meaningful stories. President of Baume & Mercier North America, Rudy Chavez, explains, “video content is a beautiful and appropriate way to tell a story. And since our brand celebrates giving and marking life moments, video has the ability to convey emotions and the beauty of personal relationships in a way no other medium can."