'Batman' Vigilante Actually Chinese Takeout Delivery Man

Oh, and also he was turning in a friend

Remember that secretive Batman who popped up in a London police station with a wanted man, only to disappear after saying ,"I've caught this one for you"? Well, it turns out that the certain vigilante is actually a Chinese takeout delivery man.

According to the AFP, Batman is a man who goes by the name Stan Worby, who was reportedly "gobsmacked" by the coverage of his viral CCTV photo of him delivering a suspect to the police.


The wanted man in question was also Worby's friend, who asked Worby to take him to the police station to hand him in. "Obviously it was done as a joke," Worby told ITV television, noting that he had just come from a soccer game wearing the Batman costume. Also good to know: Worby insists he doesn't have a gut. He was just wearing a tracksuit underneath. Next time, though, we'll be sure not to stiff our deliveryman of a tip.