Bathe in Beer at Beer Resort

A brewery castle has created swimming pools filled with (watered-down) beer

We've all heard of bathing in milk before (and dreamt about bathing in champagne, although that would be a waste), but beer? Turns out, you can swim in beer, for $298 a pool.

Austrian brewery Starkenberg has built seven beer swimming pools in the recesses of their castle (or brew-castle, as Thrillist is calling it), allowing patrons to take a swim in yeasty water to potentially better their skin. Sounds like a frat house foam party to us.


Word is, the seven pools are heated and filled with 12,000 liters of water (with 200 liters of Biergeläger, remote yeast). "Rich in vitamins and calcium it is said that sitting in the beer is good for the skin, and helps cure open wounds and psoriasis," Atlas Obscura says. Luckily, $298 plus $6.50 for any additional swimmers will get you a pool for two hours, plus beer crackers, a "Tyrolean meat spread," and a bottle of beer, since drinking from the pool is "ill-advised."