Bartendro: A Robot Cocktail Dispenser

For you cocktail connoisseurs out there, there is a moment of magic that happens when you mix the perfect drink. When all of your creative, booze-loving genius comes together in one glass, the drink blends so well together it could in fact be the new nectar of the gods. Clearly you want to experience the moment again and again (and probably so do all of your friends), but when you attempt to recreate the tasty drink you are met with sadness and despair.

Enter the answer to all of your party problems: Bartendro the robotic bartender. It was early 2006 when Rob and Pierre began dreaming up Party Robotics, a company that specializes in scientific partying. In 2009, their love of spirits and technology backgrounds combined, and they began creating stunning precision cocktail-dispensing robots.

With these robots one can brew the perfect cup of coffee, blend wine, and even add nutrients to hydroponics setup. With their models, you can create your own drink combinations, or just put the bot into shot mode. Drink and shot sizes are adjustable and you can even enable a taster button.

Wish you could own one of these party-perfect machines? Support their Kickstarter and pre-register for a bot that will fit your cocktail-making needs.