Bartenders' Favorite Hangover Remedies

Whenever there's something to celebrate, rarely do we have the good sense to think about the morning after, when the revelries of last night's festivities rear their ugly heads. And while a hangover may come in many shapes and sizes, never ever is it pretty.

With a future of long evenings filled with all kinds of choices in mind, we're hoping to take at least one regret off your plate: the number of drinks you ordered.

Here, we asked 10 bartenders for their favorite hangover remedies. From variations on that old hair-of-the-dog trick to the perfect soak-ups, these late-night, spirit-slinging demons know a thing or two about how to recover.

See below for expert tips on how to cure a hang over.

William Ward
Beverage Director, The Beach at Dream Downtown
"For me, curing a hangover is all about hydration, and tempering the 'crash' associated with over-indulging. Along those lines, I like to start my day with a mix of fresh grapefruit juice and soda water 'spiked' with a few dashes of grapefruit bitters. Refreshing and mildly sweet, with enough acidity and bitterness to temper the sweet-saltiness of my all time favorite hangover breakfast: French toast with bacon. Of course, if I need to get my game back on for another day of revelry, I start with a mix of Johnnie Walker Black, Kahlúa, and milk. Served on the rocks, it's like an adult iced coffee, and definitely helps to bring you back on level from the night before."

Brandon Duff
Bartender, The Lounge at Atera
"I always go for a shot of espresso from Third Rail and a six-egg veggie omelette with cheese. It gets you feeling sharp as a whistle. The caffeine wakes you up and the omelette gives you protein and nutrients."

Kasia Krupinska
Bartender, The Third Man
"The worst thing that you can do is to drink more and the best thing you can do is to have a VIRGIN Bloody Mary. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that immediately boost your body. It is spicy, sweet, and tart, all that your body needs after heavy partying."

Andrew Abrahamson
General Manager, Seven Grand Whiskey Bar 
"I've always found two things to cure a hangover with absolute success. One, drink one water for every drink you have, and two, don't over drink the night before. Guaranteed to save you from ever having another hangover again. If one and two get lost in the fray, wake up, find the best fried chicken within a mile and eat that immediately after slamming your favorite hair of the dog. I always lean on the Mojito. Light, crisp, and refreshing, your dehydrated body will never know the difference between that and water the morning after — but your soul will."

Raul Yrastorza
Bartender, Las Perlas 
"I swear by a lot of coconut water and pho noodle soup with chicken."

Matthew Conway
GM & Sommelier at Restaurant Marc Forgione
"Chef just released Batch 22 Bloody mix and we serve the same one at our restaurant. It's a big hit for our Sunday brunch. Everyone loves a Bloody for a hangover but we suggest substituting Del Maguey Vida Mezcal for vodka for maximum hangover relief."

John B. Paterson
Wine Director Craftbar
"When I'm hungover there are a few crucial steps to success. I always start my day with a cold Coca-Cola on ice, preferably from a glass bottle — they always taste better. At Craftbar we've got the mushroom bruschetta with braised mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, poached eggs, and melted fontina on country toast. It's the perfect dish to fill me up and put me right into a food coma where I spend the remainder of my day."

Danilo Bozovic
Bartender, Macao Trading Company
"Water helps a lot, since there's a big chance of being dehydrated the next day. Do a lot of tomato juice and soup. Polenta with kefir helps me always, or just go to your nearest restaurant and get some good comfort food. Stay away from things that make you nauseous. I tend to be in air-conditioned space, since heat really bothers me when hungover. And of course a good old shower is a lifesaver."

John McCarthy
Bartender, Greenwich Project
"If after a late night at work I find myself not feeling my best the next day, nothing works better than a rocks glass of mimosa, equal parts fresh orange juice and sparkling wine. Drunk vigorously, it will steady the hand and clear the mind."

Amanda Welch
Bartender, DBGB Kitchen & Bar
"Probably the most commonly known cures for a hangover are more booze and greasy food. The lesser-known cure is a 'shot' developed by one of our former beer sommeliers with fernet and ginger beer to settle the stomach, salt to help with water consumption, and green chartreuse. It's not the best tasting sip, but it works like a charm!"

Danny Neff
Bartender, Extra Fancy
"On a night that I know I'm going out with friends, I will usually drink a coconut water before I go out, and one more before bed. Hydration is the key!"

— Sasha Levine, Lifestyle Mirror


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