Dive Bar, Bar
685 Dingxi Rd.
Changning, 上海市


  • Cheap drinks / dive bar status...Change from Shanghai Bund Style
  • well you can smell the toilets from the entrance... if you like shady this is definitely a place to check out
  • New loos (not gagging at the smell anymore). Cheap drink, mostly music is ok and so is crowd.
  • If you are looking for an underground bar and a cheap night out this is the place to be. I suggest you take a bottle of Absolut, or Cocktail God Father, enjoy the 15kuai shots
  • Sounds nice.
  • Although two stories underground, this place has better cellphone service than my apartment.
  • Last time i saw this kind of bathroom was In 1982 In Liberia. Music is good though :P
  • not price but smelly. you get what you pay for. :) except that, great bar. try the b52 platter.
  • My favorite dive and one of the first bars in shanghai that is still holding its ground. Jessie is still running it, lots of nostalgic memories in the underground sanctum.
  • I wasn't expecting this from Shanghai it felt like we were in a Berlin dive. Super dirty and grimy, but good for something different.
  • It doesn't get more divey than this, if that's your thing. I like it. Be careful in the restrooms, there should be a biohazard sign on the door. Cheap, so grimy, fun.
  • dive bar in a labyrinthine underground bunker, cheap and suitably grungy. bring a marker and add your touch to the wall art :)
  • Just go. Felt like home away from home.

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