Brewer's Festival

Beer Garden
Nashville, TN 37203


  • Pure drinking experience!
  • Had a great time! ... But why were their breweries who don't even sell in Tennessee? Yea... I'm talking to you Great Lakes!
  • We have AIR CONDITIONING and SNOW CONES!! Can any other tent say that?!
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  • The fill line is there for a reason, believe it.
  • Check out the Wannado tent! Beer pong, photo booth, air conditioning, snow cones and prizes!
  • The Wannado tent has AIR CONDITIONING!
  • I found the air conditioning... It's at the Wannado tent!
  • Stop by the Wannado tent and play in our beer pong tournament for Beer Fest in the Gulch!
  • Need to cool off? We've got ya covered!
  • Stop by the Wannado tent and take pictures in the photo booth!
  • Just look for the GREEN balloons!
  • Make sure you stop by the Wannado tent! Beer pong and the best app connecting Nashville to concerts, events and causes!