Barrio 47: Embracing 'Farm to Fire' in New York City

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The Mediterranean eatery creates fresh and flavorful dishes in its wood-burning oven
Farm to Fire Veal Chop
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Barrio 47's 'Farm to Fire' veal chop reminds you why people began eating meat in the first place.

Farm to table is all the rage now, and for a good reason: it's important to know where your food comes from!  Perhaps more importantly, it's good to know how your meal was prepared.  Farm to Fire may sound a bit gruesome, but let's be honest, you don't want a lamb straight out of the pasture on your plate. 

Charming Mediterranean eatery Barrio 47 hosts a weekly Farm to Fire dinner, bringing farm-fresh meats to their wood burning oven, creating flavorful and fresh meaty masterpieces for the table. The fired fare rotates weekly, with dishes ranging from leg of lamb to glazed pork belly to duck breast to prime beef stew, all tender and succulent, and charred in that way that reminds you why people began eating meat in the first place.

In addition to the tantilizing meat options, which bring recovering vegetarians back to the dimly-lit romantic restaurant Tuesday after Tuesday, Barrio 47's cocktail list is not to be skipped. Stop by during happy hour for the Jade, a green tea and apple-infused vodka with cucumber and lime juice, topped with elderflower and a grapefruit mousse, which is probably the biggest contrast to a large plate of meat: it's light and floral flavors pleasantly tickle your tongue. 

In addition the Farm to Table dish, supplement your meal with Barrio 47's regular menu items, like pan-seared scallops, served atop hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, butternut squash purée, and sprinkled with warm almond vinaigrette.  The contrast of textures from the expertly seared scallops to the chewy mushrooms and the smooth squash is brilliant, and all the subtly salty yet sweet tastes blend together perfectly.  

Other specials at Barrio 47 include $20/person Mussels Monday for 1 pot of mussels, truffle French Fries and a glass of wine or beer, and $25 Spanish Sundays featuring sangria and paella.  And the seafood paella delivered straight out of their wood oven and drizzled with lobster sauce is no joke.  

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Reservations are recommended for all of Barrio 47's weekly meals, and be sure to request a seat near the open kitchen, so you can watch your farm-raised meal go straight into the fire!