Bargain Wines That Stand for a Cause

Enjoying the perfect glass is even better when you are "cultivating" for a cause

It isn’t often that a new wine brand literally takes a country by storm… but in the last few months, America has fallen deeply in love with the wines from Cultivate Wines, and with the people behind it. You won’t find it everywhere, but chances are if you dine in better restaurants or patronize discerning wine retailers, you’ll become familiar with it very soon.

Atlanta natives (and now Santa Barbara residents), Charles and Ali Banks are the creators of this innovative and fresh concept, but they are no strangers to the world of fine wine. In fact, their names are associated with some of the most sought after bottles in the business (of Screaming Eagle fame). From award-winners to impossible-to-find vintages, the wines they’ve overseen are considered among the best ever produced in California. Up until now, their vintages have not been affordable for most to enjoy on a regular basis, which is one of the primary reasons that they changed direction.

With Cultivate Wines, the offerings from the portfolio are not only sharable, but also affordable to everyone who loves and appreciates superior wine. The goal in developing the brand was "to offer incredible wines at a value while making the word a better place." Many wine afficianos are telling us that this is "the first high quality wine at a bargain price point" that they truly respect. The approach and concept is revolutionary, which is what makes each sip even more delicious.