Bar Food Friday: Rennie's Landing

They are made to order and pair perfectly with a pint of beer. Crunchy and golden, they will burn your mouth if you eat them too fast, so cool them down with a side of ranch. Rennie's Landing's tater tots: one of the best bar foods available near the University of Oregon.

A Rennie's staple, these tots always come fresh from the fryer to your table with a side of ranch. If you want to be super adventurous, they also serve Cheesy Bacon Tots. Rennie's website describes them as "tots with melted Tillamook cheddar & real bacon." This huge basket of cheese and bacon covered tots is perfect for sharing and is priced at only $5.25, a great value.

Photo by Kailla Coomes

Photo by Kailla Coomes

Peter VanderBogart, who works at Rennie's, says that in a single day they serve up to 50 baskets of tots. He couldn't even begin to guess how many they serve in a week...that's A LOT of tots. He also mentioned that they are the most popular food order at Rennie's simply "because they are cheap and delicious."


Photo by Kailla Coomes

This bar food item should not be missed. The first bite is just as appetizing as the last. You may never want to eat any other tater tots ever again. Stop by Rennie's and get your fried fix!

Location: 1214 Kincaid St, Eugene, OR 97401

Hours of operation: Daily 730am-2am, Weekends 9am-2am

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