Bar Crawl: Miami Beach

Club-hopping in Miami is not difficult. However, if you're looking to go on a proper bar crawl, things get much trickier. Still, with the right know-how, you can pilot your way through Miami Beach, making sure to hit all the right spots from the swanky lounges to the low-class dives, all in one crazy night.


Because You Are in Miami, After All

Where: Mondrian, 1100 West Avenue (305) 514-1941

Here at the Sunset Sunset inside the offshoot of the famous Mondrian hotel in LA, you can find just about every Miami cliché you were looking for. Beautiful tanned people? Check. Billowing white drapes accentuating mind-blowing architecture? You betcha. Music carrying on all night at decibels that would shake your grandma five feet to the left? Could be. Get on your best white linen shirt and shades and indulge in the local culture.


For the Most Belgian Thing in Miami Besides the Tourists

Where: Abbey Brewing Co., 1115 16th St (305) 538-8110

This intimate, modest pub doesn't carry many marks that indicate that it could be one of the best bars in Miami, but with the caliber of their in-house Trappist ales, they really don't have to. Come in to cool off with one of their signature brews, and maybe even branch out to one of the rare microbrews they carry imported from the U.S. and Europe.


For... Well, Let's Face It, the Name, Really

Where: Zeke's Roadhouse, 625 Lincoln Road (305) 672-3118

Only a little walk from the Abbey Brewing Co. you can find Zeke's, the world-traveled beer mecca serving up such unique brews as Cristal from Peru and 33 Export from Vietnam. Experience the international brew scene as your enjoin This cozy pub offers not only offers you a taste of the international brew scene, it does so for the very reasonable price of $4 a beer.


Because Only Cool People Know About Hidden Things

Where: B-Bar, 1440 Ocean Drive (305) 531-6100

Walk into the BLT Steakhouse at the Betsy hotel and you will notice two kinds of people coming out of the building: large, sunburned tourists looking pleasantly drowsy from eating copious amounts of steak, and sleek, tanned clubbing elite trying to act nonchalant. Guess which one you're partying with. Find the hidden entrance by the bathrooms to get access to B-Bar, where you and the other secret-seekers will enjoy the dark basement-lounge atmosphere and trippy ceiling.


Because You've Probably Made Some Very Bad Decisions By Now

Where: Mac's Club Deuce, 222 14th Street (305) 531-6200

Wait, weren't you just in a fancy club? How'd you end up out on the street? And where is your wallet and left kidney? Oh well, after a particularly grimy night you've got no reason not to visit Miami's premiere dive bar, Mac's Club Deuce. The bar comes off as almost absurdly divey, with a foreboding neon sign, an occupied pool table, a suspiciously shaped horseshoe-shaped bar looking like a fort, and patrons of less-than-respectable social positions. You thought you were in trouble before? Just you wait.