Bar Crawl: Tasting Boston's Range

A curated guide to where to booze it up in Beantown

Ah, Boston. Here, the bars have incredible range — catering to everyone from the craft cocktail nerd to the dive-loving crowd. Still, you'll find a running theme among them: a fun atmosphere and plenty of drinks to go around.


For Whiskey. Sooooo Much Whiskey

Where: Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar, 1310 Boylston Street, (617) 450-9000

Oysters and cocktails are a classic combination, a fact they're well aware of at Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar. So come in, get a few oysters, check out the well-reviewed cocktail list and… What does that say on the drink menu? Over 100 different kinds of whiskies available at the bar? Buckle up, because it’s gonna be a long night.


For the Fenway Fanatics

Where: Bleacher Bar, 82A Lansdowne Street, (617) 262-2424

Question: Why would you name your bar Bleacher Bar? Answer: probably because the bar in question is located right under the center field bleachers at Fenway Stadium. The bar, which also houses some of the best views of the Green Monster through the one-way glass separating you at the players, has beers and lots of fried things making for the perfect baseball-watching station.


For a Craft Cocktail Den

Where: Eastern Standard, 528 Commonwealth Avenue, (617) 532-9100

Stop by Eastern Standard to experience what may very well be the best cocktails in the whole city, and with a varied cocktail menu going from heritage to tikisms to table-sized pitchers you’re sure to find just the right drink for everyone in your party.


For a Divinely Divey Night

Where: TC's Lounge, 1 Haviland Street (617) 247-8109

Have you had it with artisanal, craft cocktails? Are you the type who would never be caught dead paying $16 for a martini just because it’s made with organic vodka? Then TC’s Lounge will be more your speed, where the atmosphere is anything but “fancy.” TC’s is the reigning champ of Boston Magazine’s best dive bar category, which should tell you everything you need to know about it. Yes, there’s cheap beer, and yes, there’s Big Buck Hunter, and yes, everyone becomes friends by the end of the second pint, but if you’ve ever been to a truly great dive, you knew all of this already.


For Beer, New Friends, and Literary References

Where: Bukowski's, 50 Dalton Street (617) 437-9999

This staple of the Back Bay dive scene is known for two things: its relaxed, frank dive atmosphere, and for beer. If these things interest you at all, then make sure to stop by and inspect their comprehensive beer list and learn a little as you try rye beers, smoked beers, and just about every other kind under the sun.