Bar Bets to Get You Free Drinks All Night

You'll always win these 9 bets, unless somebody else has watched this video

Here are some more tricks to add to your "get-free-drinks" repertoire: R. Paul Wilson has come up with these nine bar bets that you'll always win, thus ensuring another round for you sans cash. As Gizmodo points out, Wilson is the host of a "how not to get hustled" show, as they call it, but these aren't cons. They just involve some new ways of thinking.

Of course, these nine tricks will only work if nobody else has seen this video, and if your opponents are just a bit tipsy, so let's not share these around. The tricks involve plenty of the standard bar props: wine, cups, matchsticks, coins, water, etc. No spilled beer here, thankfully, although there is some wine wasted. Cheap boxed wine, anyone? Watch below to make your Thursday nights that much better.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter at @jesschou.