Baohaus Closes Sunday, But It's Just Part Of Huang's Big Plan

Eddie Huang went to his blog today to announce the closing of the original Baohaus Sunday. "Don't be sad. It's part of the plan," he writes.

Apparently, the plan is to close Baohaus 1 to focus on Baohaus 2 on 14th Street in New York City. "When you see what we have coming at Baohaus 2 next month, you will doodie your pants. It may or may not involve beef noodle soup and soup dumplings, I'm just sayin," he says.

The New York City chef says he's making time for his book deal and TV show; the former is a "memoir of food, family and the Asian-American dream," while the latter follows Huang's life inside and outside the kitchen. 

Huang seemed to roll off Xiao Ye's shutter just fine, so we're not too worried about the future of Taiwanese food in the city. We're still sad to see the original Baohaus go, but having beef noodle soup permanently on the menu (it was originally an occasional special) would be amazing.

Sunday night, Huang and his partner Evan will work the very last night shift at Baohaus, dishing out the aformentioned beef noodle soup. "Noodles are good luck. For us, it's the end of an era... Once in a Lifetime Groove," he writes.

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