Baking Soda: Not Just for Baking

  • Substitute it for tums when you have a stomachache
  • Remove laundry stains
  • Rub on teeth for a cheap whitening strategy
  • Use as an effective, and less expensive, deodorant
  • Try it in a homemade face scrub
  • Or even after a tough day as a homemade bath soak
  • Toss is in with your load of laundry for cleaner towels
  • Or in the next load to freshen your sheets

Photo by Norah Cliff

  • Try baking soda in a concoction to clean the interior of your car
  • Use it as a hand cleanser and forget about the pungent alcohol smell of hand sanitizer
  • Instead of  harsh soap that can leave a residue, clean pots and plastic containers with baking soda
  • Try it to deodorize the garbage can
  • Use it to freshen up and clean sponges
  • Neutralize the popcorn smell in the microwave
  • Freshen up your stinky gym bag that steams up when you leave it in the car
  • Use on stains made by pets
  • Apply to burns when ice, cool water or vinegar doesn’t do the trick

By: Norah Cliff

For details and more fun ways to use baking soda check out this link. You can also find Arm and Hammer products that have gained popularity including: toothpaste and laundry detergent. Don’t knock mom! She usually has a method to her madness.


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