Bakers Spend 3 Days On 2.5 Ton Sponge Cake

We've been lacking some food world record news lately, so it's a relief that some Austrian bakers decided to spend three days baking up a 2.5 ton sponge cake to try and win a world record, Eater reports.

A group of pastry chefs in the Austrian town of Seiersberg decided to whip up a sponge cake sporting the town's coat of arms, hoping the cake will be recognized by Guinness as the world's largest coat of arms.

The resulting cake used more than 3,000 eggs, many gallons of milk, 200 kilos of blackberries, and pineapples and strawberries.

"It is a normal cake mixture, with a biscuit base, normal cream filling, and is topped with around 500 kilos of fruit," head chef Werner Russ told Metro, which reports that the cake was created in a sports hall instead of a commercial kitchen, due to its size.

Check out some photos over on the town's Facebook page.