Baked Deep and Dark Brownie Mix Giveaway

Staff Writer
Share your favorite recipe with us for a chance to win a rich chocolate brownie mix from the famed Brooklyn, N.Y. bakery.
Tina Rupp


They’ve been called one of the best brownies in the U.S. These “little bit cakey, a little bit fudgy, [and] a lot velvety” treats have also made Oprah's favorites list

If you haven’t had one yet, don't worry. Matt and Renato, the two guys behind Baked — have recently launched a new line of mixes available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma. Making a last-minute dessert for a party has never been so delicious or so easy.

If you’re skeptical that a superior brownie can come from a box, think again. Just the scent of these brownies had our mouths watering. After taking a bite, we instantly forgot they were from a box. Rich and chocolaty, with a moist and fudgy crumb and just the right amount of structure — there was no stopping at just one.

Hungry for a brownie yet?

Submit your favorite celebration-worthy recipe between now and next Wednesday, March 16th for a chance to win a box of Baked's Deep and Dark Brownie Mix, signed by Matt and Renato. 

Upload your recipe here, then send us an email at with the link.

We’ll announce the winner on Facebook and Twitter on March 18th, and as an added bonus, we’ll feature the winning recipe on our homepage.

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