Bake Like a Rock Star

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Make Kurt Cobain’s no-bake cookies and his mom’s shrimp pasta salad
Bake Like a Rock Star
Laura Leebove/<A href="" target="_blank">Eating the Beats</a>

Laura of Eating the Beats stumbled across two recipes in Kurt Cobain’s journals — no-bake cookies and his mother’s shrimp pasta salad (Note: Where is the shrimp in the recipe?). Laura's verdict on the "insanely sticky" cookies: "They were really good! Tasted like any other no-bakes, except without the peanut butter." She suggests leaving them overnight in the fridge.

See below for photos, courtesy of Laura, and transcripts. Especially awesome: the king of grunge’s doodles of what looks like a mushroom and a clown named Chris.

"3 cups quick oats
large bowl
in sauce pan
2 sticks butter ½ cup milk
2 cups sugar 3 tbs cocoa
¼ tsp salt 2 tsp vanilla extract
rolling boil 2 minutes
pour over oats stir
until they set
wax paper"


(Shrimp Salad)
"moms seashell shrimp salad
2½ cups noodles no more than 5 (illegible)
½ cup mayonnaise
½ sour cream
½ tsp dry dill
½ tsp salt
½ dry mustard or 1 tsp real mustard
¼ tsp pepper

¼ white onion"

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