Bacon Shaving Cream Promises Hours Of Smelling Like Pork

Does your face not smell quite enough like bacon? J&D Foods might have the answer for that problem: A new shaving cream that promises to make a man's cheeks smell like sizzling strips of pork for hours on end.

"Our rich moisturizers and essential oils ensure a high-performance, smooth shaving experience," the company website says. "Advanced heat-activated aromatic technology lasts for hours and delivers maximum bacon scent when you need it most."

According to Coco Perez, inventor Jason Esch calls himself a "bacontrepreneur," and is also responsible for bacon baby formula and, er, bacon lube. The guy knows what he likes, and apparently he's not the only one, because the bacon shaving cream has actually sold out of its first batch at $14.99 per container. The company website is still taking orders and says the second batch will be in buyers' hands by Christmas as long as they're in the U.S.

"Bacon is delicious, people get excited when they smell it," Esch said. "When you walk into a room don't you want people to be excited to see you?"

Potential suitors might not necessarily lose their minds over a guy with bacon-face, but it's a safe bet that any dogs in the vicinity will go completely insane.