A Bacon Rose For Your Bro

Learn how to make a tasty, hilarious bouquet of bacon roses
Bacon Roses
The National Pork Board

A cool tutorial your pork-loving bro (or sweetie) will totally love!

Romance is cool, but for those of us who aren’t in love, it can get a little overwhelming come Valentine’s Day. Don’t let the mushy, gushy holiday get you down! There is plenty of love in your life from your family, some co-workers and of course your bros!

Learn How to Make a Bacon Rose for Your Bro here!

Forget the chocolates and flowers and stare in awe at the easy DIY wonder that is the bacon rose. In an effort to share the salty love, the National Pork Board is trying to revive the use of tasty pork in all aspects of life: from weeknight dinners to easy entertaining recipes. And who knew you could use bacon for an easy DIY project that will be sure to bring a smile to people’s faces and stomachs when they receive a flavorful bouquet. To make these easy roses, check out the National Pork Board’s tutorial for perfect pork roses in our slideshow!

From the National Pork Board:

“Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Forget expensive floral arrangements and spread the #PorkLUV by sharing a flower with more power. We’re talking about the most delicious flower of all – a bacon rose. No matter with whom you share them, bacon roses never fail to surprise and delight the ones you love most. Go above and beyond by following the steps below to share the #PorkLUV with a sweet and savory bouquet today!”


• 1 lb. package of bacon

• Toothpicks

• Fake flower stems, petals removed

• Rimmed baking sheet, foil-lined

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• Wire rack