Bacon Restaurant Forced to Close Thanks to Smell

Their neighbors apparently couldn't stand the smell
Bacon Restaurant Closed for Smell | Food News
Facebook/Bacon Bacon

Good news for bacon fans: Bacon Bacon, San Francisco's bacon-centric restaurant and food truck, might have closed its storefront, but its truck is still up and running. The fact that it just got a shout-out on Saturday Night Live's season finale can't hurt, either.

According to the International Business Times, Bacon Bacon, which was featured on that food show The United States of Bacon, was closed Friday after neighbors complained about the pork smell.

The bacon restaurant was accused of illegal grease dumping, as neighbors claimed that the dumping of grease into sewers was causing an unavoidable bacon-y smell.

The café was then closed Friday, although the food truck remains operating. And of course, support via social media has boomed, especially since the restaurant's shoutout from Amy Poehler on SNL's "Weekend Update." Head on over to Facebook to check out the wave of support, and watch Poehler's one-liner about Bacon Bacon below.

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