Back To School Guide 2012

Along with backpacks, school supplies, and uniforms, there's always the constant rush to get back into a regular eating program when the school season starts. To help you through your lunchbox woes, The Daily Meals' Back to School Guide is loaded with tips, ideas, current events, and recipes to help you get your lunching skills into tip top shape.

Looking to get your kids eating healthier? You'll find easy and healthy snacks for your kids to enjoy during and after school, as well as 12 new creative ways to sneak vegetables into your kids' lunches – without them even knowing it. For the parents who can't seem to get their kids to eat breakfast, we offer quick and nutritious ideas that'll give them the morning boost they need to have a successful day, and we also have fun ways to get even the pickiest of eaters to chow down.

World-renowned chefs offers tips on how to get your kids not only eating more but how to get them involved with what they're eating. Beyond easy and helpful cooking tips for the back-to-school season, you'll find relevant and newsworthy content that'll keep you posted on what schools are serving these days and the role the government is taking in making our schools a better and healthier place to eat.

We'd love to hear from you as well so share any back-to-school tips or suggestions with us on our Facebook wall and don't forget to submit any of your back-to-school recipes.

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce