Back-to-School Bento Boxes that Are Too Cute to Handle

These are almost too adorable to eat

We wish our parents had packed us lunches like these.

Back to school is coming up and we are all frantically preparing. We are thinking about school lunches and after school activities, and sometimes it is hard to get everything in order. We want to send our kids back to school with a bang, and we want their year to be spectacular too.

Clearly the parents who packed these adorable lunches knew a thing or two about helping their kids have an awesome day at school. Not only did they pack healthy and hearty meals to keep their kids going throughout the day, but they also made them look more like artwork than food. Props to these parents and their adorable bento lunch boxes. We kind of want to be their kids too.

Piggy Faces

First of all, that pudding looks delicious and we want it. And how cute are those piggy-faced sandwiches? We are very jealous of this lunch.


Pokémon Lunch Box

This kid is pretty lucky to have a mom who understands the importance of catching them all. These happy Pokémon are almost too cute to eat.


A Lunch Zoo

This lunch has everything we loved about going to the zoo in food form. Peanut butter sandwich lions, cookie elephants, and cheese giraffes make for one of the cutest lunches ever.


Puzzle Lunch

Not only is that sandwich cut into puzzle shapes, but it also has adorable flowers to top it off. Not to mention that this lunch includes fruits and veggies for extra nutrition. You go, parental unit!