The Bachelorette Drinking Game

You might not get a rose, but in this game everyone is a winner!

No matter how big of a fan of The Bachelorette you are, everyone knows that it can seem a little repetitive at times—the guys are always claiming that they are “really falling for her” after the first date and that they “can’t wait to get the rose,” over-exaggeratingly wringing their hands after going on some magical date consisting of a hot air balloon ride over the Himalayas or a quick jaunt on an African safari.

However, thanks to our friends at Buzzfeed, watching The Bachelorette just became all the more exciting. Everyone knows that a little booze always livens things up and their introduction of The Bachelorette drinking game is sure to make all the pensive solo-shots of Desiree seem like never-before-seen material.


With rules like having to take a sip of your drink every time someone mentions the phrases “opening up” or “fairy tale” and having to chug your drink every time someone is taken away in an ambulance, the game ensures a very, very good Monday night at home.