Baby's Badass Burgers: Hot Burgers, Oh Baby

Hot Burgers, Oh Baby

OK, here’s the deal: Baby’s Badass Burgers did make The Daily Meal’s tongue-in-cheek list of Food Truck Names That Should Be Banned. It wasn’t that the name was actually that outlandish, but something about the presentation was just a bit, well, much. It takes a page out of the Fojol Bros. of Merlindia’s book: outlandish getup. In the case of Baby's Badass BurgersEater LA noted that means tiny booty shorts, tight tank tops, and high heels worn by the "burger babes," who you can view here.

The truck, the creation of ex-New York restaurateur Erica Cohen and event planner Lori Barbera, has a mysterious section named, "View the Goods," and the logo features a scantily clad girl holding up two burgers near where, well, where the strap of her bra is falling off. All of this, of course, makes it pretty wildly popular on LA’s streets and also on TV — the truck has had cameos on both Entourage and CBS’ The Defenders.

There are seven 1/2-pound "maneater-sized" burger options on the menu made with ground Angus and served on Kings Hawaiian Rolls, as well as a turkey and vegetable option, all with names drenched with the innuendo you’d expect (Cougar, Mamacita, She’s Smokin!, The Other Woman, and The "Perfect 10"), but The Bombshell is the move: "A ½-pound Maneater sandwiched between two bacon grilled cheese melts, topped with grilled onions and a side of baby’s special sauce." As the menu says: "Baby-Liscious."

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