Where Are Beyoncé's Baby Buns Going?

Remember back when Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at the VMAs? Well, the day after Erin McKenna at BabyCakes NYC baked up mini cinnamon buns and christened them the Beyoncé Buns.

"It was a slow day in the bakery and we just happened to make a small batch of cinnamon buns, and they came out really small so we were like oh, they're like baby buns," she says, "Then I said oh my God we should call them the Beyoncé Bun."

The Beyoncé Bun in the Oven is made every week, tracking the size of Bee's real bun in the oven. We checked in with McKenna at Friday's Sweet event and she said it was 3.75 inches in diameter.

Sadly, the Beyoncé cinnamon bun is not for eating; it's for display only, and McKenna won't tell us what happens afterwards. "We put it on display and then it just disappears," McKenna said, fluttering her hands. Are they stashing it somewhere? Donating it? Eating it secretly? "We haven't all agreed on what we're going to do on [the birth date], but we're kicking around some ideas," McKenna said. One idea: Have a party, cut the cinnamon bun, and eat it. Bonus: Get Beyoncé there.

Also baking at the bakeshop: McKenna is working on a new vegan and gluten-free cookbook. "Well, hoping to do a third cookbook," she said, "and I want it to be all salty things. I just did a croissant the other day that was really amazing, bread, chips, just like all those salty things that people with food allergies really miss."

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