Baby Games All About Food

Games are not just for fun when it comes to playing with your baby. Games serve as a fun way to teach valuable lessons, whether they are developmental or physical. Your little one is absorbing endless amounts of information with every interaction they have, so why not make playtime even more beneficial? You can teach your baby some fundamental skills through great baby games that will make them laugh while they learn. Here are some ideas to get you started:

What Is?

If you want to teach your little one early what fruits and vegetables look like, play this easy game. Take a pillowcase or shopping bag and place a few vegetables in there. Have your baby take a vegetable or fruit. When they do, tell them what it is by repeating the food's name. Eventually, they'll be able to identify the food on their own!

Empty Carton Game

Don't toss those empty cans and cartons. Instead of having baby ding up your pots and pans, thoroughly clean your empty containers and have baby sit on the floor and stack them up. Make sure you provide a variety of shapes and sizes, and explain to your little one what the shapes are. You can knock them down and rebuild over and over again — they'll get a kick out of the noise these cartons make. 


Probably the first hand game you ever learned was Patty-Cake. Players clap hands while singing an adorable song about baking a cake together. This teaches baby not only how some food must be baked or cooked, but the hand gestures help them strengthen their motor skills.