Awfully Awesome Food T-Shirts You Need in Your Wardrobe

You’ll be the coolest kid on the block. Ok, no you won’t, but you’ll definitely get noticed!

Insane Food Shirts

Sometimes the fashion gods bestow upon us a truly magical gift. Today, that present is The Mountain’s “Big Food Tees.”  Here are some of the gems you can purchase there:

Avocado Tee

Because who doesn’t love the look of a bright halved avocado?

Raw Chicken

This shirt takes being called a “chicken” to a whole new level.

Muscle Meat

Ladies, check out these guns.


How could you be blue in a shirt like this?

Fried Egg

This will totally cheer you up in the morning.

Mac ‘n Cheese

Be still, my hungry heart. This is a true work of art.

Three Kitten Cheese Moon

If the Twilight involved three kittens and cheese, it would have been a love story we could actually relate to. 

No matter which t-shirt you choose, you'll look amazing. We promise. And hey, they are only $20!