A Winning Golden Globes Viewing Party

When Nicole Kidman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Clive Owen, and Natalie Portman take the stage for the Hollywood Foreign Press' Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 15, many eyes will be on what they are wearing, and most will look out for the crazy moments that make awards shows a highlight of the winter months — and the perfect excuse to throw a party. Here are some ideas for setting the scene and five of our favorite games to play throughout the night to keep things interesting.


Setting the Scene:

If you haven't already, send out e-invitations that look like e-tickets — "Admit One: 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Then roll out the red carpet down your front hall. As it's sure to be a star-studded night, lots of gold, silver, and sparkles will ensure that the environment matches those in attendance. Complete the scene with guests who look the part. Yes, that means you and your friends are dressing up. Come as your favorite celebrity, or simply in your best evening gown or suit. Or if you're looking to play a guessing game, come as a character from a nominated film or show (see below).


Star-Inspired Menu:

While celebrity stars will be dining on burrata, short ribs, miso sea bass, and plenty of Moët, the menu for your at-home viewing party doesn't have to be as elaborate. Want to stick to plain party foods? Be inspired by nominated films and shows when planning your spread, perhaps serving up baked beans in bacon cups for The Help, or gougères for Midnight in Paris. The same rules apply for cocktails, including a jalapeño orangeade inspired by The Big C, and bourbon cocktails in a flask for War Horse. Round out the spread with a British trifle and garden cake straight out of Downton Abbey

Too complicated? Make it easy and serve up dressier versions of movie theater favorites. We'd have some fancy popcorn on hand, perhaps drizzled with caramel and chocolate, or Sriracha and Parmesan, for snacking while viewing. And some cold champagne for toasting is a must.

Games to Play:

1. Movie Trivia

During commercial breaks, challenge guests to answer trivia questions inspired by the nominees. Create your own using the official list of nominees, or be inspired by some of our favorites. For example, what is Crazy, Stupid, Love about — marriage, love, betrayal, or dating? Who directed Midnight in Paris? How many movies starring Ryan Gosling are nominated? Which movie failed in production the first time it was attempted? Mix in some historic trivia about the Golden Globes themselves, like who has the most individual nominations (and how many) in Globe history? (Photo courtesy of Flickr/FriskyTuna)

The guest who answers the most correctly takes home their own box of miniature Golden Globes: coconut macaroons or, for something fancy, gold-dust-topped chocolate truffles.

(Answers: All of the above, Woody Allen, Two, 'Midnight in Paris' (2006), and Meryl Streep with 25)


2. Karaoke

After the awards have been handed out, take your viewing party to the next level with a little awards show karaoke. Assemble a playlist of songs from the shows and films nominated, and lyrics sheets for guests to sing along with. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/DerekGavey)

— 'I Can't Hear You'   The Dead Weather 

The Help   'Let's Twist Again'   Chubby Checker 

Gnomeo & Juliet   'Hello Hello'   Elton John 


3. Golden Globes Drinking Game

Whether a star repeatedly thanks friends, family, and God, but not the film's production team or their own agent, or someone leaps over a chair à la Roberto Benigni, awards shows are always filled with crazy moments. And what better way to toast those awkward moments than with a drinking game that will ensure everyone has a good time? 

Drink Once: Ricky Gervais makes fun of a celebrity (yes, this will be dangerous).

Drink Twice: If it's obvious that two presenters are following the script (read: it's awkward).

Drink Three Times: Any time a presenter curses.

Finish It All: If the winner leaves out their director, production team, or agent in their acceptance speech.

4. Golden Globe Pool

No awards show is complete without a pool of sorts. And if you're hosting a party, take it seriously. Distribute polls (make your own using this list of nominations, and Excel) along with the party invite and make sure that each guest fills the poll out completely before the party begins. Have participating guests contribute $5 to the pool. The runner-up gets their contribution back, the winner gets the rest of the pool, and everyone else gets a delicious prize of sorts  perhaps a mini bottle of champagne, or small bags of chocolate bark flecked with golden ingredients like raisins, cornflakes, peanuts, and toffee. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/NorwichNuts)


5. Guess Who

If you've always wanted to be George Clooney, or kiss Ryan Gosling like Emma Stone did in Crazy, Stupid, Love, here's your chance! Ask each guest to dress up as a nominee or a star from one of the nominated films. Throughout the course of the night, fellow guests will have to figure out who everyone else is. The winner takes home their own Golden Globe (perhaps a crispy rice treat atop a cardboard pillar?). It's the perfect game to play if trivia or drinking games aren't your style.

Do you have a favorite awards show activity to play or tradition? Comment below!