Average Food Prices Around the World

From China to Berlin, here are the average food prices around the world

The average price of basic food items, such as apples or cheese, varies quite a bit depending on where in the world you are.

Whether during a trip to the grocery store to shop for that long list of ingredients or simply when dining at a restaurant, we have probably all found ourselves complaining about how expensive food is. And the truth is, food costs have been creeping upward in recent years. Even with something as simple as a staple breakfast mea l — eggs, bacon, coffee, and butter — prices have been skyrocketing within the last four years, according to a report conducted by the Tampa Tribune. The good news is that the forecast for 2014 looks a little better — at least within the United States — as the estimated hike in price for 2014 is only 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent, according to the Tampa Tribune's report. But how about food prices around the world? Are there countries where a simple grocery basket of food might cost you even more than in the U.S.?

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To answer this question, we at The Daily Meal decided to select a few staple food items, including milk, potatoes, cheese, and bread, and then compared their average prices in countries around the world using the online database Numbeo. Some findings might be surprising, like that the average price for one gallon of milk in Japan is as high as $7.73, or that in Switzerland, you might have to pay $4.31 for a can of Coca-Cola, while other facts, such as how cheap the average wine is in Paris compared to the U.S. ($8.11 vs. $15), are more widely known.


To see all our rankings of different food prices around the world, check out our slideshow. For clarity reasons, all prices mentioned are converted to U.S dollars.